Zohery Tours Welcomes you to Washington DC

Zohery Tours is one of the leading tour companies in Washington, DC. It has been in business for nearly 30 to the delight of thousands of tourists visiting from all corners of the world. DC is a unique city which epitomizes the past of this country with all of its monuments having their own history.

Washington has great landmarks like Union Station, The Jefferson Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, The World War II Memorial, The Martin Luther King Memorial and many more…

ZOHERY TOURS offers you the ultimate in DC sightseeing tours experience. We show you more than the buildings and monuments of the nation’s capital. You embark on a historical tour during which you discover where the lawmakers and shakers of the city do what they do. Where your money is printed. Where the President and other dignitaries have worshipped. Where the VIPs eat their lunch, or jog, or stroll for a morning break

Booking a tour with us will be your gateway to a journey through the past and back to the present. Our tours are narrated live with a tour guide who will tell you the stories behind every landmark of the city. With so much to explore and so little time, we have designed tour packages for you that will be suitable for most. We have a day tour – The Grand Tour of Washington, DC – and an evening tour – Washington After Dark. And for those who would rather go off the beaten tracks, we have private tours service that will be customized according to your needs and preferences.

Get on board and you will be treated to an educational day tour of the capital, the kind of trips great memories are made of.